Sunday, 12 April 2015

CT TUT for Artistic Dreams Imaging: FwTags Creations - Dark Embrace with Matt Hughes tube - Art of Dying

PTU Tube "Art of Dying" by Matt Hughes can be bought here
FTU Mask 80 available here
PTU Kit "Dark Embrace" by FWTags Creations can be bought here
*Tag name font: Dear Joe, 125 pt, font color black,  layer style stroke color: 740707 size  3 px, outer glow color: white, size 38 px, opacity 75%
*Copyright info font: Vijaya, 36 pt, layer style stroke color:white 6 px
*Both fonts are available free at
**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of CS6 and its various features


Lets begin....
~Format a workspace 600mm x 600mm in RGB mode with clear transparency
~Place mask 80 and size  mask to fit workspace, magic eraser the black section
~Place paper 1 and size to workspace
~Create clipping mask between paper 1 and the mask and adjust opacity to 61%
~Place frame 7 and resize to 17.9 inches wide  x 19.7inches high and place it in the center of the workspace
~Place element 10 resize to 15.1inches wide x 12.7 inches high and center behind frame 7
~Place tube and resize to 10.7 inches wide x 13.7 inches high, bevel & emboss: inner bevel, smooth, direction up, size 92 px and position centered behind frame in fromt of element 10
~Place element 85 resize to  10.4 inches wide x 14.4 inches high and place on left hand side in front of frame 
~Place element 82 and resize to 5.6 inches wide x 8.4inches high and place on right hand side  in front of frame 
~Place element 42 resize to 11.6inches wide  x 4.0inches high and position on left hind bottom side of frame. Duplicate and flip horizontal and place on right hand side
~Place element 67 resize to  22.0 inches wide x 8.4 inches high and position on the bottom in front of the two copies of element 42
~Place element 59 resize to 9.7 inches wide x 4.4 inches high  and center under element 67
~Place element 20 resize to 3.4inches x 4.8 inches and place in front of centered in front element 67
~Place element 44 resize to 3.7 inches wide x 4.5 inches high and place in front of element  20 on the left hand side
~Place element 21 resize to 6.6 inches wide x 4.8 inches high and place centered in front of element  20
~Place element 64 resize to 2.7 inches wide x 4 inches high and place in back of element 42 and position as dired to give appearance that it is sitting on element 42
~Place element 9 resize to 6.8 inches wide x 2.4 inches high and position to the left of element 20
~Place element 6 resize to 6.7 inches wide x 5.6 inches high and position to the far right of element 20
~Place element 39 resize to 6.0 inches wide x 5.6 inches high and position to the left of element 9. Duplicate flip horizontal, and place under the left edge of 6
~Use smudge tool to smudge edges to create desired affect
~Merge all visible layers and flatten
~Place tag name and appropriate © info
~Save in .png format for a transparent background

I hope you had fun with this tutorial. Any questions or feedback please  e-mail me:

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