Tuesday, 31 March 2015

CT TUT for Artistic Dreams Imaging: Yannomi Yan-12

PTU Tube can be bought here
FTU Mask 75 available here
PTU Kit "Lemon and Lavender" by Heather's Devine Designz can be bought here
*Tag name font: Monkey Snake, 130 pt, font color black,  layer style stroke color: ccc03e size  13 px
*Copyright info font: Vijaya, 36 pt, layer style stroke color:white 6 px
*Both fonts are available free at www.dafont.com
**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of CS6 and its various features


Lets begin....
~Format a workspace 600mm x 600mm in RGB mode with clear transparency
~Place mask 75 and size  mask to fit workspace, magic eraser the black section
~Place paper 13 and size to workspace
~Create clipping mask between paper 13 and the mask and adjust opacity to 45%
~Place the  tube and resize to 9.7 inches wide  x 15.4 inches high and place it in the center of the workspace
~Place element 78 resize to 20 inches wide x 20 inches high and center on workspace
~Place element 45 resize to 12.8 inches wide x 14.9 inches high and place on the right hand side under the tube
~Place element 7 resize to  21.4 inches wide x 20.3 inches high and center on workspace behind the tube and element 45
~Place element 25 and resize to 15.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches high and center behind tube at the bottom of element 78
~Place element 1 resize to 3.4 inches wide  x 3.4 inches high and move to left hand side of tube. Angle as desired.
~Place element 76 resize to  12.1 inches wide x 9 inches high and position on the top left hand side of element 78. Angle as desired to match element 78
~Place element 35 resize to 7.9 inches wide x 6.9 inches high  and center on top of element 76 at desired angle
~Place element 40 resize to 5.2 inches x 4.7 inches and place in front of element 35 to the left hand side. Duplicate element 40, flip horizontal and place to the right hand side of element 35.
~Place element 36 resize to 6.4 inches wide x 13 inches high. Angle as desired on the bottom right hand corner of element 78
~Place element 8 resize to 12.2 inches wide x 1.6 inches high. Angle as desired and center  in front of element 36
~Place element 18 resize to 6.5 inches wide x 6.5 inches high. Center in front of element 8.
~Place element 2 resize to 10 inches wide by 10 inches high.
~Merge all visible layers and flatten
~Place tag name and appropriate © info
~Save in .png format for a transparent background

I hope you had fun with this tutorial. Any questions or feedback please  e-mail me: allycattags@gmail.com

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